At Preferred Brands, we use our know-how, leverage and commitment to take your business to the next level. We’ve been providing members with unique interior design positioning and profit opportunities for over 25 years, and now we take that knowledge and experience and apply it to our specialized R.E.O. flooring installation services. We invite you to explore our offerings by visiting our R.E.O. Flooring Specialists sites, and discover the synergies of success.

Preferred Brands’ R.E.O. Flooring Specialists combines 25+ years of experience in the floor covering industry with substantial expertise in contract flooring installing and logistics.  Preferred Brands has been a major supplier of replacement flooring products and installation services to one of the top U.S. Government agencies for the past five years. We offer a unique, thoroughly integrated operating system that includes precision measure, scheduling, installation tracking and inventory management. Economies that set us apart include: volume based purchases, a national network of installation crews, and our local inventory...all of which add up to expert and quick turnaround for your flooring needs. The moment you put your projects in our hands, you can consider it done.